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About Us

Trinity Scientific was established in 2012, but the background to our company runs far deeper. We are part of DDD Limited, a family company who have been operating in the pharmaceutical industry since Dr D. Dennis first began selling prescriptions in 1912.

As a brand owner and a manufacturer, we became frustrated with the inefficient service we were being provided with by contract labs when it came to analysing and testing our products. Too often, we encountered poor attention to detail and lack of deadline responsiveness.

This prompted us to set up our own laboratory, combining state-of-the-art facilities and professional staff with our experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Underpinning the services we offer are the core principles of Trinity Scientific, which have ensured our clients return time and time again:

Customer Service

How we treat our customers says everything about our business. We are customer focused and responsive to your requirements at every stage. Our standards are embodied in our own Customer Service Charter.

As a brand owner and manufacturer, we understand that quality is imperative. We invest in people and equipment to ensure a high level of quality runs through everything we do.

In order to deliver the best services to our customers, we go to great lengths to ensure that we have the best people working for us and an environment in which they can flourish.