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Our  Culture  in  Principal

How do you consistently deliver excellent customer service?  At Trinity, we think there’s only one way: to create an environment in which people can flourish and be happy, and then to empower them to work with their customers.   

That’s why we spend so much time talking about our culture and how we can improve it.  Only staff who feel valued and happy will go that extra mile, and pull out all the stops. 

At the heart of our culture are our core values of honesty, openness, integrity and respect for the individual.  Our values underpin everything we do, they are why we minimise hierarchy, operate a no blame culture and encourage team-working wherever we can.  We also think we have a sense of humour, but perhaps you should be the judge of that!

In a fast-growing business like Trinity, getting recruitment right is essential.  We don’t just want technical experts: we look for confident fun people that we would like to spend time with.  These people will fit into the team seamlessly, and if we like them, the chances are that our customers will like them too.

And the best thing about this approach?  You can have it all!  There’s no hard choice between treating your staff right and looking after the needs of the business.  Family-owned and -run businesses like Trinity know that if you look after your people, they will look after your customers, and the business will then look after itself.

As any business appreciates, low staff turnover is a sign of a happy workforce. Within the DDD Group, we have a staff turnover of just 5% a year.

Here’s a simple example of how we do things differently at Trinity:

Where we can, our technical team interacts directly with customers.  For example, if we are developing a new testing method, we may have a weekly conference call which allows any queries to be answered specifically. This makes a real difference, improving openness and bringing greater efficiency to the development process.

We also believe that information is best coming from those who know. Visit our facilities and you will be shown around by the staff working in the laboratories with the knowledge to answer any technical questions you may have.

For our clients, these are some of the differences that keep them coming back to Trinity Scientific.