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Social Responsibilities

At Trinity Scientific, we take our social responsibility seriously. At our heart, we are a family business and the values we hold are what have allowed the DDD collection of companies to flourish over the years.

By pursuing a clearly defined policy of social responsibility, the benefits are felt not just by our company but by our customers too.

Our processes and facilities are managed to minimise their environmental impact, with an emphasis on energy efficiency, recycling and reducing waste. 

Our commitment to the protection of our staff includes the provision of an on-site health and safety officer and constant investment in systems and equipment. 

It goes without saying that Trinity Scientific is an equal opportunities employer - skills are valued regardless of age, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation. 

We also believe that helping to empower our staff out of work brings benefits to the job place and help them to engage in new skills and health benefitting activities.

As one of the largest employers in Watford, the DDD group is embedded at the heart of the local community.

As part of the local community, we do our best to be a good neighbour. We work to reduce the noise and minimise the environmental impact from our premises. We are also involved in local initiatives from fund raising for schools to managing sports teams.